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Selling a Business – M&A

Selling a Business – M&A

How do you know you are getting the best deal when selling your company? Sure, price plays a large role but so does transaction structure, buyer fit, tax implications and more. We believe that value maximization and increased transaction success are seated in expert knowledge and transactional experience. Our global M&A advisory alliance is comprised of experienced advisors and industry experts who know what drives value, making us simply better equipped to sell your company than a local generalist.

Many business owners are simply not in a position to properly vet and engage with an M&A advisor – be it due to lack of resources, experience or choices in your local market. Our global network enables us to deploy the best resource for each client regardless of industry or geography, ensuring that business owners no longer have to compromise when selling their business.

How We Help

All client engagements start with a mutual fit assessment that we believe is a significant influencer of transaction success. In the lower mid-market with a focus on serving business owners with $500k-$10M in EBITDA, we can help a wide range of client company types.

Below are some article on selling your mid-market business: