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Boost Your Company’s Worth: Embrace a 3-Week Getaway!

Business Productivity Booster

As you nurture a competent management team and strategize your gradual exit from daily operations, ensure you indulge in some well-deserved breaks, especially in the lead-up to a sale. Prospective buyers are on the lookout for enterprises that thrive, even in the owner’s absence.

Pause for a moment and reflect: If you took an extended break, would your business come to a standstill? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then there’s groundwork awaiting your attention. However, if your team can navigate without you, even if it entails a weekly check-in call or meeting, you’re on a promising trajectory.

Struggling with the idea of distancing yourself? Start small. Embark on an extended weekend away, and then stretch it to a week. Gradually, aim for a rejuvenating month-long break or even an entire summer of relaxation. This not only grants you the joy of quality family time but also empowers your management team to flourish.