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Tourism is Looking UP

A bump in tourism is good for Arizona, which still has a large part of its economy tied to turism. Coming off the worst year in tourism history, 2021 wasn’t much of an improvement, as travel remained subdued in the face of the persistent threat posed by Covid-19. According to the United… Read More »Tourism is Looking UP

Podcasts: What People Tune Into

Over the past few years, podcasts have emerged as a new form of distributing audio content to a broad, international audience. Particularly popular among younger audiences and digital natives, podcasts are especially well-suited for long-form audio content such as interview formats and talks that dig deeper into certain topics or special interests… Read More »Podcasts: What People Tune Into

Real Wages Are Dropping

Inflation is taking a chunk out of savings, wages, profits. Here’s some perspective on the tight labor market: Once you adjust wage data for inflation, workers in the U.S. don’t seem to have made much progress since the before-times, Emily writes. American workers earned $31.95 on average, in real terms… Read More »Real Wages Are Dropping

Interest Rates are Rising

Investors think Fed rate hikes are a done deal, Axios’ Matt Phillips writes. Sometimes things change. For instance, expectations about Fed rate hikes. Driving the news: Friday’s sizzling inflation report reinforced surging expectations for Fed rate hikes this year. This means traders and investors are overwhelmingly betting the central bank will hike… Read More »Interest Rates are Rising