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Integro CEO Club

During this Integro CEO Club event, Kim was introduced to the remarkable story of Tom Miller, who started with humble beginnings and took daring risks. The significance of having supportive individuals who believe in you was emphasized. Tom’s career journey within the auto industry is both captivating and motivational. Convinced… Read More »Integro CEO Club


During his visit to Integro Bank this morning, Kim Mehring had a valuable experience delving into NRM EV. The narrative of B. Taylor utilizing his music to aid both the armed forces and youth resonated with me. I express my gratitude to the Integro Team, as well as Thomas J… Read More »NRM EV Tour

Accelerent Round Table at Delta

Karen Kramer hosted a great round table at Delta, where a lively discussion took place while enjoying delicious homemade pulled pork, coleslaw, and bread pudding. The pulled pork was slow-cooked for 20 hours on the smoker, resulting in tender and flavorful meat. These gatherings are crucial for fostering business understanding… Read More »Accelerent Round Table at Delta

Average # of Months From LOI To Close By Deal Size

The average time to sell a small business increased across most deal sectors, with a significant jump for businesses valued at $5 million or more. Of that time roughly 60 to 120 days are spent in due diligence and execution, after a signed letter of intent or offer.

Estate and Succession Planning

Kim Mehring had the privilege of attending the Estate and Succession Planning event organized by Integro Bank. We express our sincere appreciation to Elaine Szeto and Thomas J Inserra for their efforts in arranging these events.  Samuel Richardson, a representative from Phocus Law, delivered a presentation discussing the importance of… Read More »Estate and Succession Planning