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Desert Foothills Leadership Academy

At the Desert Foothills Leadership Academy, today we focused on governance- and heard from our city and town leaders! Thank you to: Nate Young CIO Recorder and Elections Office of Maricopa County, Jim Thompson City Manager City of Scottsdale, Mayor bob Morris of Cave Creek, and Mayor John Crane of Carefree.

Seller’s Market Sentiment Q1 2014-2024

Advisors reported an uptick in seller confidence, although still well off previous peaks. (A seller’smarket occurs when demand exceeds supply. In a seller’s market, buyers compete in order to windeals. This typically translates to increased values and more favorable deal terms for the seller.)

Average Multiples By Deal Size 2021-2024

Multiples remained consistent across the Main Street market. Meanwhile, advisors reported a meaningful increase in multiples (up a half percentage point or better, year over year) in the Lower Middle Market.

Amazing Morning at WATT

Thank you, ladies, for an amazing morning! A huge welcome to our newest Women at the Top – Wendy Look and Heather Locke. Dawn Kennington-Bejar, your idea of bringing creosote, chamomile, white tea, and olive oil for our senses to enjoy was amazing. Our food journey, from Cleopatra’s use of… Read More »Amazing Morning at WATT

Average Multiples By Deal Size Q4 2020-2023

Multiples remained relatively consistent across market sectors, with one notable exception. Advisors reported that businesses with enterprise value of $5M-$50M received an average valuation of 5.3x EBITDA, a meaningful jump over last year, but still down from the red hot market in Q4 2021.