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Delta Business Advisors

Delta Business Advisors is a full-service business brokerage/M&A firm that has immediate career opportunity for self-motivated and entrepreneurial individual(s) to pursue a challenging and rewarding career as a business broker/M&A advisor. We are looking for seasoned sales professionals or executive mangers to assist sellers and buyers of companies by arranging transactions between them. This work draws upon the individual’s capabilities in sales, marketing, financial and operational analysis, negotiations, financing strategy and business management. The position requires persistence, a highly-organized approach and a consistently positive attitude. You must have high ethical and professional standards, be a confident, be a creative problem-solver, a team player and real networker.

The position offered is that of an Independent Contractor. THIS IS A COMMISSION-ONLY POSITION without an upside limit, no ceiling on your net earnings which depend, to a large extent, on your own efforts and results. Veteran, highly effective business brokers/M&A team members earn more than $250,000 annually. However, the business brokerage/M&A business is a complex, extended process with a long sales cycle, so a new intermediary should be prepared to go 6 months or more before collecting that first commission check.

This is not a job or career path for everyone but it is challenging, very interesting work that can be highly rewarding for the right person. We typically do not deal with start-up or other early-stage businesses. Our primary focus is on facilitating the sales of established businesses that have some history of profitability. You will interact with entrepreneurial people and take part in the operational and financial analysis of many types of businesses  as part of the Delta Business team.

When selecting new members for our team, we look for:

Ethics — both work ethic and integrity-treat others right and the rewards will follow.

Educational Openness — an openness and willingness to learn.

Experience/Empathy — an understanding of business, business ownership, management or ability to empathize with clients as they undertake the sale process.

FYI:  Based on the industry, traditional indicators of success include:

Maturity — business experience and age.

Exceptional Initiative — well-organized, well-planned, self-starter.

Creativity — ability to innovate and develop solutions for complex business problems.

Selling Experience — proven ability to prospect for, qualify and close.

Background — sales, strategic or financial consulting, or business management experience.

Business Ownership — past entrepreneurial and management experience.

Education – a college degree or experience in business.

Teamwork — ability to work well with teammates to solve complex problems.

Because we occasionally sell the business’ real estate, you will be required to possess an Arizona Real Estate Sales Agent license. However, one can pursue this license at the same time we provide our basic training to being a successful broker.

All of the above being said, this is a fun & interesting job.

We are an equal opportunity enterprise and value diversity for our team.

Why Delta Business Advisors?

Delta Business Advisors has positioned itself as a world-leading brokering group and is highly experienced in the sale of the mid-to-upper end of businesses as part of its Cornerstone International Alliance connections.

Delta Business Advisors is devoted to expanding the resources that are available to its business intermediaries.

Delta Business Advisors is devoted to maintaining a high standard of professionalism in all aspect of their business.

Delta Business Advisors strives to maintain a comfortable, healthy working setting where everyone enjoys their work and individual successes are rewarded.

Delta Business Advisors is constantly implementing new strategies which differentiate them from their competitors.

If you believe you have what it takes to be part of the Delta Business Advisors team, contact us today.

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