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Delta Testimonials

Thanks for reaching out We are perfectly happy with our experience with Delta and more specifically you Thanks Isaac
Isaac Rubner
This is the company you want to deal with who has that important combination of knowledge AND customer experience. Lisa helped me with pointing me in the right direction on a question I had when she did not have to and that speaks to my mantra "you can have everything you want in life as long as you help as many others as you can get what they want." This is the only business I will think of when someone asks me who is #simplythebest!!
Robin Thompson
"I recently met with Lisa Riley at Delta Business Advisors and it was an absolute pleasure. She possessed a wealth of information, and made many thoughtful recommendations for our business during the discussion. She was courteous and professional, as she took the time to learn about our company and future goals. Highly recommend!"
Zack Greenberg
"Max Wagner is a very smart, seasoned and straight-shooting professional. She's very intelligent and reliable. She was very helpful and provided me with very useful wisdom and guidance about my own business when I needed it most. I have always known Max to be a high quality and consummate professional. I strongly endorse Max Wagner."
Noam Meppen
Cruise and Travel Expert
"Max is a wonderful person who takes her profession very seriously. Buying or selling a business can be stressful. Max has the patience and compassion to help navigate the process and make it enjoyable. Her clients are always her first priority. I'm super confident, when I refer a client her way, because I know she will go above and beyond."
Larry Vivola
Business Coach
Thank you for the gift of your time today. I will never forget it. When I run across someone who needs an educated, experienced business advisor, yours is the name I'll carry and refer.
Robin Thompson
"Thank you Lisa for the great service but I am only looking for a beauty school that is accredited and accepts federal financial aid."
"I enjoyed meeting you too in the discussion session that we had with our common clients, Tracy and Ken. I thought that you did a VERY GOOD job...!...very professional."
Tom Larsen
Larsen CPA
"Thanks Max. We always liked how you kept us informed. Very professional!"
Gary Schneider
King Insulation of Arizona, LLC
"Eddie wants me to say thanks for all the work you did for all of us"
Jeanine and Eddie Cooper
Cooper's Sewer and Drain
"Hello Max, I would like to thank you with all my heart for your work in getting my business sold. We have had a wonderful first week, productive, great business and Erik is doing Fantastic!."
Kevin Marks
Owner - Brilliant Epoxy Floors, Inc
"I would recommend Max Wagner to all business Sellers out there. She was very thorough, professional and worked hard to help Eliances sell it’s first Franchise in Washington, DC. I really enjoyed working with her!"
David Letourneau
"Lisa is very professional and straightforward with business owners. She is knowledgeable and has a variety of industry insights she shares with business owners. Excellent broker!!!"
Tim P Collins
Arizona Small Business Advisors
"....I would not hesitate to recommend your services to a colleague + I truly appreciate your candid advice"
"It's been great doing business with you"
Nancy W
"Dear Lisa - Very much enjoyed meeting you today! Thanks so much for your insight and evaluation.... Regards, Bill
"I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to buy a business or in the market to sell. Lisa is well versed and experienced in all facets of our industry."
Hal Janke
Broker and Fellow IBBA, LCBI
"Thank you, Lisa, for your assistance through the entire business purchase process! You made it simple and headache free, especially for someone who hadn't done this before. I really felt a fit with the seller and after several months as the new owner of the business, I can say I'm extremely pleased. I attribute much of this success to the hard work Lisa put in throughout my purchase. You can’t go wrong with Delta Business Advisors!"
Ivan Pemberton
"Lisa is a joy to work with, super organized and detail oriented – all the traits one would want to find in an intermediary. I would feel confident referring business to her any day and know that the client would have a pleasant and educational experience."
Trista Perot
"Have worked with Lisa in the past and find her to be very responsible and Professional."
Greg Mihelich
"I highly recommend Lisa! She is trustworthy, honest and a real pleasure to work with. I have the opportunity to collaborate with her every Thursday morning. She the perfect matchmaker for businesses. She can connect you to the company that is the perfect fit for your needs! Thanks Lisa!"
Jessica Randolph
"Lisa gave an analysis of our business that was insightful and spot on. She led us to a correct decision point that was both objective and based on the facts. We respect the process of the step by step approach to listing a business and being prepared to sell at the best determined price. We do recommend Lisa highly!"
"Lisa ... helped me purchase a business in 2016 and I can only say that the service and help was excellent! I had been in contact with other business brokers previous to meeting Lisa, but most of them were only focused on getting the sale done. Lisa is different in that regard, she tries to find a good match between the business for sale and the buyer, which is a different approach than what I had seen so far. I can only giver her top rating!"
"It was a pleasure to work with the professionals .... The integrity of Lisa and her agents have been invaluable."
Julie Pumfrey
"Lisa and her team are very professional. I would recommend them to our clients to assist in the sale process."
Jason Hullender
"I was getting tired of running the business and was just ready to retire, which is what prompted me to sell. The shop was doing phenomenal business and was making good money. I was able to leave with good, positive feelings."
Johnnie Lake
"... has professional experts to help buy and sell a business, utilizing analytics and sage business counsel. They are very ethical and honest."
Marth Wagoner
"Kim and Lisa ... know the in’s and out’s of how to maximize the value of your company when you want to exit. They have both a high level and detail level understanding of how to make your business tasty for an outside buyer. Highly recommended these business brokers! (Full disclosure: I have not used [them] to sell or buy a business. I have however benefited from Kim and Lisa’s expertise when I started a company with the goal to sell it in 5-7 years. They helped me avoid some potentially expensive mistakes."
Joacim Mattisson
"Kim and Lisa will work non-stop with helpful and friendly advice from the beginning of the deal to the end! I highly recommend!"
Rusty Robertson
"What is great about Lisa & her team is they are prepared, organized and their clients are coached in what they need to do do make the acquisition happen. As a lender, that makes my job easier and for a buyer, it means you have someone in your corner helping you accomplish in a timely manner what it is you want to do – BUY THE BUSINESS!"
Tim Collins
Texas Capital Bank
"Kim and Lisa ... are high-energy go-getters with sharp heads for business. They are very effective and a pleasure to speak with. You will be glad you reached out to them!"
Cliff Loader
"Kim’s an amazing professional! Happy to work with him anytime!"
Jacki Donner
"You guys are great and Tony and I will recommend you to anybody who wants to sell a business in the future"
Sanjay Dolwani
Western Auto
"I highly recommend the very capable Lisa Riley ... for anyone looking to sell their business. She went above and beyond to make a difficult process as worry-free as possible, and got us to that all-important finish line as promised! You can have high confidence that she will do likewise with your goals and selling needs!"
Scott Dana
"Lisa is of the highest level of intermediary always looking to benefit her clients and all parties involved in the transaction. I have known Lisa for many years and her integrity speaks for itself. A huge advantage for anyone considering working with her."
Steve Mariani
Diamond Financial