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Inflation Projections

By the looks of it people expect inflation to settle down in a couple of years. U.S. consumers’ inflation expectations over the next year hit a new high last month, rising to 6.6% in March, Axios’ Pete Gannon writes. By the numbers: The median expectation for inflation three years from… Read More »Inflation Projections

Corporate Debt Market

With mortgage rates inching up and turmoil in the markets the Corporate Debt rates are heading higher. Rapidly rising rates aren’t just affecting regular folks who want a mortgage — they’re rippling through the corporate debt market too, Axios’ Kate Marino writes. Why it matters: The speed and volatility at… Read More »Corporate Debt Market

Home Sales Are Declining

Home sales are declining and this could be bad indicator for the busy spring season as we are facing economic uncertainty and rising interest rates Homebuying trends are reversing course amid higher mortgage rates and continued growth in home prices, Hope reports. Catch up quick: Pending home sales last month… Read More »Home Sales Are Declining

Ruble Exchange Rate

The Russian Ruble has taken a dive recently, however Russia has taken steps to stabilize it by requering nations that purchase energy to use the Ruble as currency. Russia’s ruble has rebounded sharply in recent weeks, as officials cobbled together an unorthodox defense of the currency, Matt writes. Driving the… Read More »Ruble Exchange Rate

Cyber Crime Costs

Cyber Crime is here to stay and as business owners we need to keep building systems that are more and more imprenetable. According to a report released by the FBI yesterday, losses to cyber crime increased significantly in 2021. The losses – which are located mainly in the U.S. but… Read More »Cyber Crime Costs

Production and Price Of Oil

Explaining why oil production doesn’t increase instantaneously as prices increase, it will take significant investment to generate more oil. Axios goes a good job of explaining why it is not an instantiations coloration. U.S. oil prices rose 70% over the last year. Meanwhile, U.S. oil production rose by about 5%,… Read More »Production and Price Of Oil