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Kim Mehring

The Apple of my Eye

The list of the world’s most valuable companies is famously dominated by North America, with Apple currently sitting at the top of this prestigious pile. In the infographic below, we pit Apple against the rest of the world to see how each continent’s biggest public company compares to the might of… Read More »The Apple of my Eye

Non-Compete Period For Larger Companies

Non-compete clauses restrict a seller’s ability to operate or engage in a competing business for a period of time after closing. Survey responses show that three to five years is the prevailing non-compete period.

Availability of Reviews

We all know reviews are important the availability of reviews affect purchase decisions as shown in this survey by Power Reviews The availability of recent reviews (or lack thereof) impacts purchase behavior.Just over a third (38%) will not purchase a product if the only reviews available were published three months… Read More »Availability of Reviews