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Kim Mehring

In Phoenix We Like Our Trucks

There is no doubt we love our trucks, it is evident every day when we drive to work or for work. Be that for work or recreation. Trucks are very versatile in hauling people, cargo, and going places where other vehicles can’t.

2023 Economic Outlook

In this cart it is obvious that business leaders see the global and national economic outlook at not very good, however they view their own industry and company not to be affected. Only time will tell what will happen. Economic outlook and expectations Less than 40% of U.S. business leaders… Read More »2023 Economic Outlook

Merry Christmas Eve Day

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope your Christmas Eve is joyous. Also I have it on good authority that the Naughty List has been finalized. So live it up, people!