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Merger Activity

Despite the dramatic deflation of SPAC-mania in recent months — and a downturn in the broader market — some SPACs are still announcing new mergers, Axios’ Kia Kokalitcheva writes. Why it matters: The SPAC category’s demise has been heavily predicted by skeptics of the model, but it hasn’t quite happened… Read More »Merger Activity

Not Everyone Is Working

We are slowing moving back to pre pandemic employment percentage. The labor force participation rate — the share of the adult population either working or looking for work — has not quite recovered from pre-pandemic levels. A new paper sheds light on one factor behind the shortfall: substance abuse, Emily… Read More »Not Everyone Is Working

Scam Surge

The number of unsolicited texts and calls are, now is a good time to stay vigilant. You’re not going crazy: You are getting slammed with more annoying spam calls — and now annoying texts on your cell phone — than at any point in the history of these devices. Why it matters:… Read More »Scam Surge

Thank You

Looking forward to tomorrow’s WATT (Women at the Top) meeting as I always learn so much from these amazing ladies. Thank you to our members who generously share their knowledge and sometimes even provide surprise gifts. A special shout out to Shannon Fox (Kiss me Kate) for the lovely purse and Kay… Read More »Thank You

Corporate Bond Rate

We may need more than the fed to reign in Inflation. Corporate credit is defying the Fed’s push for tighter money, Axios’ Neil Irwin writes. Recently, corporate bond yields have fallen relative to Treasuries, meaning businesses lending conditions are still highly stimulative. It is one of many signs that markets… Read More »Corporate Bond Rate

A lot Of Items Are Up Way More Than 8.5%

According to BLS ( data alot of items are above the 8.5% inflation rate. Some hopefully are transitory, like used cars and truck, gasoline, others may not be.