In Pandemic, Not Panic

Business advisors are digging in right now, trying to figure out how COVID-19 will affect their clients. We’ve been talking with business owners, active buyers, and other advisors around [...]

Downtime: Use It to Add Value

Business owners are working to process the impact of COVID-19… and we’re investigating how it will affect M&A and business sales. As you’ve undoubtedly seen the short term [...]

The Seven Stages of Selling Your Business

Ideally, you start preparing for sale early in your business life-cycle, the day you open.  If this did not happen, you are definitely in the majority.  However, now is the time to start because [...]

Organize Your Financials

Buyers want to see clear, well-organized financials, preferably compiled by a reputable firm. This demonstrates that you utilize your financials in running your successful business and optimizing [...]

Are Your Vendors Personal Relationships?

In a recent conversation with a Business Owner seeking to sell a 10-year-old business, we discovered that there were many personal relationships intertwined with their business ones. The major [...]

Writing the Perfect Teaser

When marketing your business, one of the first things buyers will see is an executive summary. As an initial introduction to your company, the summary has to catch a buyer’s attention without [...]

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