Grit = Success

Spanx founder Sara Blakely and her husband Jesse Itzler were asked, “What is the biggest characteristic that contributes to future success?” Ponder for a moment … how do you answer this? Are you coming up with some of the standard answers I’ve heard:  Intelligence? Strategic thinking? Vision or subject matter… Read More »Grit = Success

Are You Ready?

When a business owner calls and says it’s time to sell, one of my first questions is: “How soon do you want to be out?” Typically, the answer is “Yesterday.” Unfortunately, business owners underestimate how long the process to sell a business actually takes. Once we sign our engagement agreement… Read More »Are You Ready?

Go Ugly Early!

One of our mantras is: “Go ugly early.”  When you’re selling a business, put those landmine issues on the table right away. Whether you’ve just lost a customer, your backlog isn’t what it was, or you’re operating at capacity—get it out ASAP. ‘Why would I do that?’ you may ask. ‘Won’t… Read More »Go Ugly Early!