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Supply Chain = Deal Killer

Supply chain issues are a big concern for businesses right now. Forced shutdowns, crisis forecasting, labor issues, and logistics all played (or are still playing) a part in the current shortages.  Managing the supply demand imbalance will be a tricky problem for at least the next six months, if not… Read More »Supply Chain = Deal Killer

Avoid Key-Person Risk

Ask yourself: If I became incapacitated, can my business run without me? If no, buyers will be concerned about the business’s ability to operate without you. If yes, no need to continue reading ;-)! If you can’t get away for at least one week of vacation at a time… If… Read More »Avoid Key-Person Risk

Sell & Keep Working?

Labor issues, pending tax changes, inflation – these are three major issues driving sellers to market right now. If you feel a sense of urgency to sell, but just are not mentally ready to exit, you are not alone!Deals can be structured in many ways for owners who would like… Read More »Sell & Keep Working?

Your Business = Your Baby

Many business owners struggle with exiting their business as it may feel like putting one’s child up for adoption. Research supports this: Entrepreneurs really do think of their business as a child. Research findings include similar brain activity between owners thinking about their business and parents thinking about their children.… Read More »Your Business = Your Baby

Are Your Contracts Assignable

Often overlooked by business owners UNTIL the time of a sale are contracts…and believe me, it significantly impacts the value of your company on whether or not contracts are assignable. You do not want to negotiate assignability at time of sale!   This may open the door for customers/suppliers to highjack your… Read More »Are Your Contracts Assignable