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Gian Paul Accelerent Breakfast

Accelerent June Breakfast

This morning, Gian Paul delivered an exceptional presentation at breakfast. As a high school World History teacher, Gian is dedicated to improving the lives of his students. A pivotal moment in his life was when he was invited to speak to the NY Giants. His “All In” speech inspired the team to achieve the unthinkable—winning the 2012 Super Bowl.

Here are my key points from today’s presentation, paraphrased and summarized:

  1. Be all in, in life: Your actions matter, especially when no one is watching.
  2. Fame is fleeting; greatness is longevity.
  3. Always put others first, but also take care of yourself.
  4. If you want God to laugh, tell Him your plans.
  5. Don’t let your atmosphere/situation affect your attitude.
  6. The arrogant look for someone to blame; the humble look for solutions.
  7. Embrace three virtues: humility, faithfulness, and gratitude.
  8. No excuses—live your best, give your best, 100% all in. Show up.

Gian Paul’s insights were truly inspiring and a reminder of the principles we should strive to embody in our personal and professional lives.