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Business Sales and M&A Specialists

Most business consultants, financial planners and business owners recommend an Exit Strategy. What does that mean and how does it affect you? A business Exit Strategy is the strategic plan on how and when you will end your ownership of your company. As the business owner you need to know what you will need to put in your pocket at the end when you sell your business to accomplish your goals. Your goals can be another business concept, sitting on a beach or playing golf, whatever they are you want to be prepared. Basically, how long do you want to own this business and how much do you need financially for your next chapter.

The best time to formulate your exit strategy is when you start or buy your business. I have a saying “know how you are going to get out of something before you get in to anything”. When you are formulating your business plan to run your business it only makes sense to also plan to exit your business.

Now it is time to exit your business and move on to your next chapter. This is a very confusing and time-consuming endeavor and many business people don’t even know where to begin. That is where I come in as your Business Broker. With my experience, I will guide you through the process and assist you to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

By utilizing a Delta Business Advisors Broker, I can simplify the process and earn you a higher sales price. We act as a buffer between the buyer and the seller. There is peace of mind knowing that I will always have your back. I will take the time-consuming task of pre-screen potential buyers to finding the right buyer for your business. As your Business Broker I will also ensure that the news of the sale remains confidential and that your loyal customers, staff, vendors and suppliers don’t find out until you’re ready to let them know. Then there are administrative issues. As an experienced Delta Business Advisors Broker, I know what paperwork to file and when. I will also coordinate efforts between lawyers, CPAs, bankers, insurance agents and others.

While it costs money to contract with a broker to sell your business, think of the commission you’d pay him or her as a kind of insurance. I will protect your investment in the business by placing the proper value on your business, finding the right buyer, getting you the best price possible, protecting the confidentiality of the sale, handling all negotiations, ensuring that all transactions are legal, and seeing that the transition to new ownership is as wrinkle-free as possible. While a Delta Business Advisors is busy securing your future, you are free to continue to run your business until the transfer of ownership has been completed.

For a business broker with experience, contact Delta Business Advisors 480-686-8062.