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WOW: 100+WWC-Valley of the Sun |  $1,011,225 in 8 years | 100+ Charities

Delta Charitable contributions helping the community

Martha Moyer Wagoner and I attended the first quarter of the 9th year of 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun-Scottsdale.  In the prior 8 years, the generous and giving local women (and matching donors) have given $1,011,225 to 100+ vetted AZ charities.  Last night, we  learned about 3 amazing charities, nominated and presented by members: Furnishing Dignity (Melissa Lagreid), New Song Center for Grieving Children (Angie Sims), and Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation (Bailey Lloyd). The charity selected by members last night:  Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation! *Note membership is simply committing to donate quarterly to ‘winning’ charity.