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Workshop Inside the PrivateEquity Investor’s Mind

Workshop Inside the Private Equity Investor's Mind

An integral part of many Lower middle market business sales are private equity firms.

They provide the necessary capital and expertise for these businesses to grow and thrive. Additionally, private equity firms often have extensive networks and resources that can benefit the companies they invest in. This partnership between private equity and lower middle market businesses creates opportunities for expansion, innovation, and increased profitability. Through strategic investments and operational improvements, private equity firms play a vital role in driving success in this segment of the market.

Moderated by Jim Cumbee, the session featured a panel consisting of Scott Gilbertson, Rich Jones, and Joel Pokorney. Titled “Unveiling the Criteria for Promising Investment Opportunities: Inside the Private Equity Investor’s Mind,” the panel offered valuable insights into the evaluation of potential investments. The discussion provided an insider’s perspective on the key factors, strategies, and considerations that drive the decision-making process of private equity investors.