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Where Do Shoppers Go?

Where do we shop

The aggregate transition from store to online is not unheard of but interesting to see the break down. In some ways this is not different than the deliveries made by store owners, just on a more global scale. As outlined in this article in Statista:

With Black Friday offers now often stretching across the entire week preceding Thanksgiving, bargain hunters have already started their quest for the best deals, always looking to save a few bucks while spending a lot. And while analysts are once again expecting record levels of e-commerce sales this holiday season, physical retail still has a role to play during the holiday shopping season.

According to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday Survey, consumers are expected to spend an average of $997 over the holiday season this year. When it comes to where they’ll be splashing the cash, 57 percent of people said they’d shop online while 47 percent plan to go to a department store. 44 percent are planning to shop at a discount store while 43 percent are going to make holiday purchases in a grocery store.

Statista by Felix Richter, Nov 22, 2021