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When It’s Time to Sell Your Business, How Close is Your Buyer?

Business Sales and M&A Specialists

Business Sales and M&A Specialists

Findings from Q3, 2019 Market Pulse Survey and fairly consistent for the past several years, finds that almost ¾ (73.8%) of buyers who bought businesses for less than $500,000 lived within 20 miles of the purchased business.  For those who bought businesses for more than $5M, three quarters (75%) lived more than 100 miles from the business.   Work with your Advisor to identify the likely purchase price and then target the most likely purchaser to increase the likelihood of selling your business in the shortest amount of time for the highest price possible.

Contact Lisa for a complimentary consultation.  It’s never to early to plan as planning maximizes the value of your business when you are ready to sell!  Schedule a call or meeting.

The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and M&A Source, in partnership with Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project, set a goal to provide quality information on a quarterly basis in order to become the go-to source for Main Street and Lower Middle Market transactions. Data reported here are from the Executive Report or the Quarterly Survey Results available to Participants. The Market Pulse Executive Reports can be found: