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WATT Breakfast

Business Sales WATT Breakfast

I am delighted to share highlights from another extraordinary WATT (Women at the Top) breakfast!  This wasn’t your everyday morning meal – it was an event filled with genuine laughter and impactful dialogues.

The discussions went beyond the surface, delving into matters that truly stimulate thought and foster connection. It was an enriching way to start the day, fostering a sense of community over delectable breakfast bites.

A huge thank you to Elaine & Jason Ferguson for hosting WATT, where we turn traditional breakfast meetings into unforgettable moments.

Roya Athanasopoulos
Joyce Barden
AnneMarie Haenfler
Ginger Clayton
Susan McCall
Lisa Riley
Elaine Ferguson
Laura Piel
Julie Wolf
Juliet Peters
Not Pictured:
Marlene Imirzian
Leslie Kland