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Salary Growth is Expected!

Wage increases through the world

However will they keep up with inflation, by all indicators this didn’t happen in 2021. This chart is a great review of what is expected throughout the word in regard to wages, as outlined by Statista:

Can you expect a raise in salary this year? According to the latest forecasts by Willis Towers Watson (WTW), that very much depends on your location in the world. Their outlook for salaried employees looks by far the rosiest for those plying their trade in North America. Here, 100 percent of countries are expected to see an overall increase in salaries in 2022.

In regions such as the Middle East, Africa and Central/Eastern Europe however, employee expectations should be far more pessimistic, as our infographic illustrates. How about the source’s track record on such predictions? According to their latest report, last year’s forecasts were very close to reality for a large number of countries. Notable exemptions, where actual raises were considerably lower than expected, were Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

Can You Expect a Raise in 2022?
by Martin Armstrong
Jan 20, 2022