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Valentine WATT Meeting

WATT Valentines Meeting

Wow!  What a great WATT meeting today! Holly captivated us with her journey to aesthetic medicine and her dedication to  opening her boutique, Med44, nestled at the intersection of 44th & Camelback. It’s proof that dreams can indeed become reality! Maryann updated us on the latest with FedNow, while Juliet delved into the recent Arizona sick pay issues and its implications for businesses. Felicia introduced us to the concept of Longtermism, sharing inspiring images of the Duomo and reminding us of the dedication of roughly 25 generations over 600 years, building something magnificent for future generations to appreciate. It’s a powerful reminder to expand our focus beyond the immediate. Laura wrapped up the meeting with some excellent book suggestions by Verne Harnish and Claudio Fernandez-Araoz on innovative approaches to employee compensation. Truly a thought-provoking morning.

Holly Mueller-Aesthetic Medicine

 Felicia Munion-Executive Assessments & Board Advising

Juliet Peters-Transaction Lawyer

Laura Piel-Employment Agency

Maryann Richardson-Commercial Banking