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Time off from work due to injury

Time off from work due to injury

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., a global specialty property and casualty insurer, yesterday released the AmTrust 2021 Contractor Risk Report, identifying common injuries and the resulting time off work for the specialized group. The report, based on 26,000 workers’ compensation claims over 10 years, found that companies in business less than four years make up 75 percent of claims paid out. The report also determined that new employees pose the greatest injury risk and that workers’ compensation claims peak in the summer.

States with warmer climates make up the most historical losses, partly because contractors have a year-round season for outdoor work. While warmer weather allows for more opportunities for contractors, environmental issues including heat and smog increase workers’ comp claims in warmer months. For example:

  • Arizona claim frequencies are 42% above US average
  • Florida claim frequencies are 34% above US average
  • California claim frequencies are 7% above US average

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