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Selling a Contracting Business

Are you looking to sell your Contracting business? We are focused on helping our clients through the process of selling your business or guiding you through an acquisition or buying of a business.

You have probably devoted hundreds of hours to and thousands of dollars to your business, in addition to your blood, sweat, and tears to ensure the company’s success. But now you have decided it is time to sell and don’t know where to begin. We can offer you the strategic path to transition your company by offering you the following:

  •  Provide a Broker’s Opinion of Value for your business
  •  Offer honest feedback
  •  Conduct a confidential business transaction
  •  Negotiate to get you the best price
  •  Statewide, national and international listing exposure
  •  Strategic business partners, if needed, for more value
  •  Large database of potential buyers

Maintaining Confidentiality is something we don’t take lightly and understand your position to conceal your information. Listing your business in language that is general and not specific to your name, location or business is our promise to protect you and your business from rumors of selling on the street. We work with buyers who have been screened, but only after they have signed the required confidentiality agreement. Plus keep in mind many of our listings never make it to market with our vast database of potential buyers!

Contact us at 480-686-8062 today to see if it is the right time to sell. If it is not the right time, we will help you to get positioned correctly through strategic business partners to get maximum value from your business when you are ready.

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