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QR Code Usage Up

QR Codes

The pandemic with fear of printed menus and other multiple use paper items has really pushed QR Codes main stream.

The pandemic has accelerated the usage of QR codes, taking them from niche status to an essential tool for businesses and marketers, Nathan writes.

Look no further than Sunday’s Super Bowl commercial of nothing but a floating QR code that sent users to the Coinbase website.

Yes, but: Law enforcement officials are sounding the alarm about the risks of QR codes.

Threat level: The FBI issued an alert in January warning Americans that cyber criminals “are tampering with QR codes to redirect victims to malicious sites that steal login and financial information.”

The bottom line: QR codes can be helpful. But don’t click unless you’ve verified that the source is legitimate — and make sure the site is authentic once you reach your digital destination.

Axios Closer By Hope King and Nathan Bomey ·Feb 17, 2022