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Potential Revenue Streams for this Unique Time

Now is the time to come up with unique revenue streams.  Please add and share what creative ways you are adding to your revenue stream.


  • Create a Meal Plan with a Subscription Fee but keep it simple.  Delivery or Pickup, whichever you currently provide.  It can have a set menu or choices.  The goal is to make it affordable for customers AND you.
  • Sell produce/TP.
  • Create a Special Menu for whenever you re-open with a reservation (1/2 down) to use within 2 months after opening.


  • Update Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram or social media with online sales OR ways to utilize items from your business.
  • Create videos of how to put together items – from furniture to fashion.
  • If able, create a membership basis for something additional.

All Businesses

  • Get your employees (or past employees) involved if possible to see what ideas they have and keep them vested in their future with you.
  • Identify non-essential expenses to remove at this time
  • Create a Refer a Business/Refer a Friend program
  • Put together Case Studies & Testimonials
  • Make How-To Guides


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