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Port Traffic At Record Levels

LA Port Traffic

As we keep importing more goods traffic is going through the roof. As outlined by Axios:

Consumer demand continues to push U.S. ports to new limits, Axios’ Hope King writes.

The push to get goods onshore now comes from retailers wanting to get ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday season in Asia, where many factories and companies will shut down for weeks to celebrate, Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, said today.

A sign of the mania: That port is on track to process another record number of containers this year, based on estimates of about 812,000 units handled in November.

With record demand comes record docking and processing times. About 101 ships are waiting to come into Southern California ports as of yesterday, per the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

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By Courtenay Brown ·Dec 15, 2021