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Percent Of Female-Owned Businesses By State

Women Owned Businesses

Arizona had 41.9% of women owned businesses in 2018, on par with other western states and slightly higher then our neighbours in CA.

The western states tracked on the MAP have a high percentage of female-owned businesses compared to the nation. In 2018, all the states tracked, except Idaho and Utah, had a higher percentage of female-owned businesses than the U.S. New Mexico had the largest share of female-owned businesses and was among the top five nationally. Arizona ranked fourth out of all MAP states and 16th in the U.S. Utah had the lowest percentage of female-owned businesses in the West and ranked low nationally.  By virtue of population size, California and Texas had the largest total number of female-owned businesses out of the MAP states, followed by Colorado, Washington, and Arizona.

Women Mean Business
Valorie Rice, Senior Specialist, Business Information