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Opinion of Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service

Great customer service is what keeps customers coming back, this graph gives a good overview along with the below articles from Zendesk Blog:

1. More than 65% of people have higher expectations for customer service today than they did three to five years ago. (Netomi)

Based on this stat, brands can assume that excellent customer service will be increasingly crucial for building customer loyalty and long-term success. Millennials, in particular, want service to be prompt and tailored to their needs.

2. If provided with great service, 62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend. (Gladly)

Loyal customers can help generate revenue for years to come—not only through their own purchases but also by becoming a brand ambassador and recommending your products or services to others via word of mouth, reviews, or social media.

3. 83% of consumers cite good customer service as the most important factor—outside of price and product—when deciding what to buy. (Khoros)

Good customer service is among the main reasons people decide to do business with you. Let that fact fuel your team’s work and give you confidence when you’re justifying your department’s value to leadership.

4. 58% of consumers believe CX is a deciding factor when making buying decisions and choosing one brand over another. (Sitel Group)

The phrase “CX is a brand’s greatest differentiator” may be a bit cliché, but it’s grounded in truth. For a significant portion of American buyers, the quality of the customer service experience a business provides is just as important to them as the products or services it provides.

5. 77% of consumers think good customer service is critical to earning brand loyalty and generating business. (Netomi)

The quality of your company’s customer support has a major impact on whether you maintain long-term relationships with your buyers or experience churn. By providing great customer service, you’re more likely to gain brand advocates who act as champions for your brand, products, or services—leading to more purchases from new customers.

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