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Number of Women CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies

Female Business CEOs

The number of women CEOs in fortune 500 companies have steadily been increasing, now more than 10%

Women leaders now run more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies, a milestone in the list’s 68-year history, Axios Closer co-author Hope King writes.

  • But further progress is in danger, as burnout rises among senior-level women, shrinking the C-suite pipeline.

Amazon and Goldman Sachs are among the employers trying to combat an exodus of female executives with “returnships,” focused on making jobs more appealing to people who left the workforce, Bloomberg reports.

🧠 What’s happening: During the pandemic, women leaders left companies at the highest rate in years.

  • Being overworked and under-recognized are top reasons, research from McKinsey and Lean In found.