Millennials & Baby Boomers Perceptions and Realities in Workplace

Surprisingly, Millennials & Baby Boomer have similar preferences in the workday with 30% of both groups preferring a 9-5 workday and approximately ¼ of each seeking a 4-day week. Data come from a Feb. 28 through March 13, 2020 Olivet University survey of 1,005 millennials between the ages of 24 to 39 and 1,025 baby boomers between the ages of 56 to 74 who were working FT in various industries.

FYI…On May 21, we provided a 30-minute update on PPP.  On May 22, the regulations changed with the Treasury Department’s new “Interim Final Rules”.  Thursday, June 4, another PPP update will be provided. Sign up here: to sign up for 30-minute update @ 1:30pm pacific.

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