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Lyn St James

Lyn St James

This morning we kicked off the day with none other than the fabulous #LynStJames at the Accelerent Phoenix breakfast at the Phoenix Raceway. After a zippy rundown of F1 and IndyCar, Lyn dove into her own roller-coaster journey from driving a Pinto (into a lake) to zooming at the Indy 500!

Here are the golden nuggets she dropped:

  1. Make It Count -Be intentional with every move you make. Dream to Goal!
  2. Always Be Learning – Knowledge is your best fuel.
  3. Embrace the Bumps – Get comfy with the uncomfortable and buckle up!
  4. Oops…I Did It Again – Mess up? Own it, learn, and hit the restart button! It’s all about the comeback.
  5. Team Spirit – Together, everyone achieves more. Remember, no one succeeds alone!
  6. Plan It Out – Preparation is your secret weapon.
  7. Communicate Like a Champ – Keep the lines open—clear and loud.
  8. Stay True to You – Keep it real and authentic ALL the time.
  9. Deliver Results – No matter what, cross that finish line with something to show.
  10. Just Go For It! -What are you waiting for?

With Lyn’s advice, we’re all revved up to take on the circuit of life with speed, smarts, and a bit of swagger! So buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!