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“Jaws” Accelerent Breakfast Presentation

Business Sales Ron Jaworski

We were excited to have the following guests join us for the amazing presentation by Ron Jaworski for Accelerent’s Breakfast Series in April: Marcia Ritter, Andrea Garcia, Matt Nelson, Colt Orchard, JoAnn Sayklay, Monica May-Dunn, Jennifer Anderson, Bonnie Jessen, Susan McCall, Tish Times, Annemarie Haenfler, Temple Blackburn, and JD Mowlds.

Ron Jaworski is a former NFL quarterback, NFL network analyst and a successful business owner who provided us with his key insights for success! He gained the nickname Jaws from his next-door neighbor at that time, Doug Collins, who was a star guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. “He didn’t come up with Jaws because of that shark movie, though.” Jaws says, “Doug said it was because my mouth was always open, talking.”

He shared his knowledge gained from his coaches (e.g., Commitment, Hard Work, Teamwork & Trust) and his 7 No-Brainers gained during his network career for business owners and leaders:

  1. Must like people
  2. Lead by example
  3. Create positive work atmosphere
  4. Be sincere and honest – have integrity
  5. Bring energy to workplace
  6. Build Relationships
  7. Define Goal. Delegate Responsibility. Lead!