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Integro CEO Club

Integro CEO Business club

During this Integro CEO Club event, Kim was introduced to the remarkable story of Tom Miller, who started with humble beginnings and took daring risks. The significance of having supportive individuals who believe in you was emphasized. Tom’s career journey within the auto industry is both captivating and motivational. Convinced that he possessed something extraordinary, Tom and his wife committed all their resources to a groundbreaking concept. Starting with just $700 and a vision in 1985, they transformed that vision into a company employing nearly 900 individuals, while also establishing unprecedented programs within the industry. Tom’s journey serves as an incredible source of inspiration for other business owners.

Thanks Thomas and Elaine for inviting Kim to attend this Integro CEO club event.

Tom’s presentation was notable for three key aspects: his unwavering belief in God, the importance he placed on family, and his steadfast commitment to honoring his promises.

These events are fantastic and I highly suggest joining Intregro bank and attending these events as it is one of the many benefits of being a customer of bank.