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Exciting Morning at WATT’s Bi-Annual Meeting!

Exciting Morning at WATT's Bi-Annual Meeting!

This morning’s WATT bi-annual meeting was nothing short of amazing! The energy and enthusiasm from the incredible women in our group were off the charts.

We kicked off the day with Denise passing the torch to our new President, Leslie, ushering in an exciting new chapter for our organization. And trust me, we’re in for an exceptional year ahead at our new location!

Our “Business Buzz” session was a true eye-opener! Ann delved into innovative perspectives on personal goals, while Elaine explained the fascinating science behind airline oxygen masks in a way that even non-scientists could grasp.

Peggy treated us to some delightful wine and food pairing tips (don’t miss her wine ice cube hack!), while Shannon shared invaluable tips on dressing for both success and casual events.

AnneMarie wrapped up the buzz with a comprehensive exploration of the planning, design, and construction aspects of the construction world.

If you are a woman in business (company owner, C suite, or top in your field), and you’re looking to be part of an extraordinary sisterhood that meets weekly at the Orangetree Golf Resort in Scottsdale, look no further!

Join us and become a part of this incredible group of women who wholeheartedly support each other, both professionally and personally. Let’s empower each other to achieve greatness!

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Kim  Names:

Denise Kaye

Leslie Kland

Ann Ewen

Elaine Ferguson

Peggy Fiandaca

Shannon Fox

AnneMarie Haenfler