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Drinking Out vs Drinking at Home

Beer Drinking

Even though we are mostly wine drinkers in our household, I’m sure the stats are similar for wine consumption. I thought this was interesting in how consumption habits have changed and not changed.

More people are opting to drink beer at home than they did before the pandemic, according to Statista’s Consumer Market Outlook. While it’s true that most people would still choose to go for a drink at the pub or in a restaurant than at home, there’s been a slight shift from 2019 to 2022, where figures rose in favor of staying in.

The U.S. had been a country favoring home drinking even before the pandemic. In-home consumption of beer rose even more after 2019, hitting 65 percent according to the latest available data from 2022.

How Beer Drinking Habits Have Changed Since Covid INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY by Anna Fleck, Jul 29, 2022