Does Your Business Broker Co-Broke?

Co-broking is when your Agent is works with another Business Broker outside their company and typically, their commission is split.

Delta Business Advisors welcome the opportunity to co-broke with other Business Brokers in order to get your business sold Faster.   Our #1 goal is to make sure your business gets SOLD in the most confidential and quickest manner possible.  Thus, we work with other Brokers who have vetted and qualified a Potential Buyer for your business.

A simple interview question to ask Brokers is:  Do you co-broke?  If yes, do you actively work with other Business Brokers who thoroughly vet their potential Buyers?

Our focus is to provide you as much information and assistance needed as you journey along the path before, during and after deciding to Sell your business and move on to the next Chapter in your life.

Please contact us at Delta Business Advisors about Selling your business.

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