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Desert Foothills Leadership Academy

Desert Foothills Leadership Academy

We wrapped up our second session of the Desert Foothills Leadership Academy, and let me tell you, it was all about getting the 411 on Public Safety.

We kicked things off by diving into the world of the Scottsdale Police Department, where Chief Jeff Walther showed us how he’s steering a crew of 700 with some solid core values. Plus, we got an insider’s look at their K-9 Team — talk about squad goals!

Then, we switched gears and heard from Fire Chief Brian Tobin of the Daisy Mountain Fire Department. He enlightened us about the Phoenix Automatic Aid System, a lifesaver since 1976, and all the ins and outs of Mutual Aid and other heroic alliances.

But wait, there’s more! We hit the road and toured the Carefree Rural Metro Fire Department. Chiefs Cichocki, Talley, and Kelly were our guides, showing us around the station and letting us peek into the world of fire and EMS trucks. And yes, a few of our brave classmates even got to jump into the action!

It’s safe to say, our leadership skills are catching fire in all the right ways! #LeadershipGoals #PublicSafetyRockstars #leadership #motivation #success #business #entrepreneur #carefreecavecreekchamber #DFLAcademy #entrepreneurship #community #carefreeaz #cavecreekaz #thehollandcenter #DFLA2024