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Delta Express Process for Main Street Business Owners


April 29, 2020

Announcing New Delta Express Process for Main Street Business Owners Needing to Sell

Want to sell your business instead of rebuilding, closing the doors, declaring BK, getting locked out, etc.?

Delta Business Advisors* is committed to providing the best alternative possible in the shortest amount of time while maintaining high ethical standards in these challenging economic times. It’s called Delta Express.

• Minimum of $350K-2019 Revenues OR $200K in Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
• Must Acknowledge Business is Challenged
• Must Concede Confidentiality is at Broker’s Discretion

We Provide:
• Go-To-Market Price
• 6 Month Engagement Agreement
• 1 Page Teaser &/or 2 Page Color Business Review Presentation
• Go-To-Market
o For Sale Websites
o Extensive Database of Thousands of Potential Buyers
o Expansive Network of CPA, Bankers, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and Business Brokers
• Identify and Vet Buyers
• LOI/Purchase Agreement & Due Diligence Process
• Transition Planning after Sale

How do I apply?
• Fill out application or click:

*Delta Business Advisors serves the Phoenix metro & entire Arizona market as a full-service business brokerage/lower mid-market M&A firm.

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