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Cornerstone International Alliance Dinner

Business Sales Cornerstone International Alliance

Yesterday evening, we were honored to attend the cornerstone international Alliance dinner at Morton’s, coinciding with our presence at the M&A Source Conference. This alliance empowers Delta Business Advisors with an extensive nationwide reach, courtesy of our meticulously selected partners who possess a wealth of experience in selling various businesses. With a remarkable combined business sales experience exceeding 200 years, spanning a diverse array of industries, we consistently have access to industry experts readily available. Whether it’s occasions like the dinner or our regular monthly meetings, these events consistently provide invaluable learning opportunities that significantly contribute to the growth and fortification of both myself and the Alliance.

In Attendance were: Jason Salisbury, Tom Zang, Deborah Agrafojo, Steve Pappas, Lisa Riley, Sara Burden, John Phillips, Cliff Brown, Libby Agrafojo, and Nick Olsen