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Copper Prices

Copper Prices

The increases in copper prices should be good for the Arizona and Arizona copper mines and all the jobs those mines support. As outlined by Axios:

Copper prices, which catapulted to record highs this year, may find some staying power. And the government of Chile, the world’s largest producer, holds the cards.

Catch up fast: Chile’s Senate just passed a bill that would create a massive additional tax burden on the metal, which is used in electronics and construction, Bloomberg reported.

The ultimate fate of the bill is tied up with the outcome of Chile’s presidential election runoff on Dec. 19 — if the leftist candidate, Gabriel Boric, wins, the bill will more likely turn into law, wrote the Atlantic Council’s Josh Lipsky and his GeoEconomics Center team in a recent note on the global economy.

Axios Markets By Kate Marino ·Dec 10, 2021