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Business Owners Feel Optimistic About 2022 According To Chase

The future looks bright

According to a survey conducted in November of 2021 by Chase for Business of 1000 business owners with annual revenues spanning from $100,000 to $20 million across key industries. They feel good about 2022 a sharp increase from 2021 and 2020.

Business leaders have noticed the major economic concerns that weren’t present in past surveys, including choke points in supply chains (16%) and the higher cost of doing business from inflation (20%). But the research suggests that business leaders are allowing themselves to feel good about the areas where they can exert control and letting go of the areas where they can’t.
71% Optimistic about their company 

71% Optimistic about their industry

57% Optimistic about their local economy  

49% Optimistic about the national economy  

43% Optimistic about the global economy

Black business leaders are significantly more optimistic than their peers about the local, national and global economies in 2022. Despite being hit particularly hard by the pandemic, Black respondents are also predicting higher revenue and profits in the year ahead, compared with the total population.

Sentiments also vary by region. Respondents in areas of the Northeast, including New York and New Jersey; the South, including Florida and Texas; and parts of the Midwest, including Illinois and Michigan, were more likely to say that the pandemic has had a “very positive” impact on their business overall.

After two years of being tested by near-constant disruption, business leaders are confident in their firms’ ability to ace whatever comes next.

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