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Black Immigrant Population

Black Immigrants

As we celebrate black history we focus todays DBA on number of Black immigrants in each state, as stated in this Axios article:

The number of Black immigrants in the U.S. has soared 475% over the last 40 years, Axios’ Russell Contreras writes from a new Pew report.

Why it matters: The report highlights the oft-overlooked diversity of the nation’s Black population.

By 2060, around one-third of the U.S. Black population will be foreign-born if current trends continue.

Africa accounts for the fastest growth in the U.S. Black immigrant population. The Caribbean remains the largest origin region.

Don’t forget: The number of U.S. Latinos identifying as multiracial skyrocketed during the last decade, according to the latest census.

The dramatic shift in racial identity among Latinos came after the census offered more options in 2020, giving Latinos the opportunity to officially embrace Indigenous and Black backgrounds.

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By Mike Allen ·Feb 01, 2022