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AZBBA Meeting (2/9)

AZBBA meeting Business Sales

Congratulations to Steve Ferber who received his award for 2022 sales at this morning’s AZBBA meeting presented by Shaun Rudgear!  We then heard from one of the Masters in our industry – Len Krick!

These 2022 award winners completed 100 transactions for a total of $93,436,250.  An average sales price of $934,000 per transaction!

AZBBA Outstanding Producer Award ($1,000,000+)

      Larry Veltkamp

AZBBA Chairman’s Circle Award ($3,000,000+)

      Shaun Rudgear
      Ryan Gipple
      Brent Schmick

AZBBA Platinum Chairman’s Circle Award ($5,000,000+)

      Lisa Riley
      Steve Ferber
      Phil Reese
      Joe Balbona
      Matt Uhler
      Brian Bond
      Jared Lubreck