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An Apple A Day Helps Growth

An Apple a Day

Apple is a phenomenal company and keeps producing products people want to buy and is capable of delivering those products which keeps driving growth.

Following a strong end to 2021 that saw Apple shatter its previous sales and profit records in the holiday quarter, the world’s most valuable company carried that momentum into 2022. On Thursday, the iPhone maker delivered yet another earnings beat that saw its revenue increase by 8.6 percent despite heavy headwinds in the form of silicon shortages, Covid-19, supply chain disruptions and inflation woes.

Apple posted double-digit growth in three of its product categories, with Services once again the biggest growth driver. The company’s services reached an all-time revenue record of $19.8 billion last quarter, thanks to an ever-growing installed base of active devices and paid subscriptions growing to 825 million across all services.

Apple Largely Defies Global Challenges APPLE by Felix Richter,  Apr 29, 2022