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Americans Who Think They Will Achieve Their New Year’s Resolution

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A small slice of men and women are naysayers of resolution success next year: Just 12.61% of women and 11.80% of men head into the new year prepared expecting to fall.

Then there are those who think they’ll crush their annual intentions. The 77.51% of men who believe they’ll achieve their goal outnumber 72.21% of women who say the same.

Most people are pretty confident that they’re resolution will be achieved this year. 83.43% of Gen Z and 78.16% of Millennials believe that they’ll achieve their resolution this year. However the number of confident “resoluters” decreases as age increases. 72.48% of Gen X, 69.55% of Baby Boomers, and 69.51% of Silent Gen say they are likely to succeed this year.


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