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Accelerent Round Table at Delta

Business Development

Karen Kramer hosted a great round table at Delta, where a lively discussion took place while enjoying delicious homemade pulled pork, coleslaw, and bread pudding. The pulled pork was slow-cooked for 20 hours on the smoker, resulting in tender and flavorful meat. These gatherings are crucial for fostering business understanding and building strong professional connections.

Thank you all for coming: David Koon Arizona Best Real Estate, Leticia Reynoso Creative Business Resources (CBR) Karen Kramer Delta Business Advisors, Gina Altosino Dot Graphics Inc, Laura Wolman Harvard Group International, Eric Jackson Scottsdale Mortgage Advisors, LLC Stacey Fischer Senior Resource Connectors, Mike Toll SP Marketing Experts – FireDrum, Oscar Guerrero Touchstone Wealth.