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Accelerent Executive Roundtable breakfast

RoundTable Business Sales

Kudos to the wonderful David Koon and his dedicated team at Arizona Best Real Estate for orchestrating an outstanding Accelerent Executive Roundtable breakfast powered by Benefit Commerce Group at the local Paul Martin’s.

Engaging with a variety of exceptional executives from leading local and national companies is always an enlightening experience. It’s not merely networking – it’s about learning from industry leaders, establishing symbiotic relationships, and expanding our businesses.

Every day, we witness an exhibition of growth, unity, and potential that profoundly impacts our business development strategies.

David Koon
Shane Levinson
Jerry Ullman
Lisa Riley
Kristi DeWitt-Quintero
Gina Altosino
Brad Johnson
Greg Brown
Braydon Dennis
Ryan Puccinelli
Joe Scheid
Nick McCully
Fred Carpenter
Suzye Kleiner
John Lilly