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Accelerent Breakfast with Michael York

Accelerent Business Breakfast

Thank you Michael York for dropping everything and coming at a moments notice to come speak with us this morning at the Accelerent Breakfast.

During his presentation, Michael discussed the significance of self-marketing and personal branding, emphasizing the need to create a compelling experience that motivates people to pay a premium for something unique. The talk highlighted the value of core principles and the importance of making the overall experience extraordinary. Several examples were shared, including illustrations from Starbucks, Disney, and Chick-fil-A.

Thanks to our guests for joining us for this grand event: JD Mowlds, Nino Pascale, Juliet Peters, Robyn Young, Dale Walters, Joe Pascale, Angela Snyder, Matt Nelson, Lori Nelson, Teri Hill, Suzanne Soderberg, Stuart Selbst, Chris Cuffaro, Mary Margaret Skelly, Taylor Gustafson, Jaron Hopkins, Tracey Latham, Myisha Katter, Elaine Szeto, Vinay Khannah, Cathy French, Lyena Hale, Alex Koury, Dale Walters, Lisa Dow, and Alex Bardaweel

He is the author of The 10 Commitments (2005) along with over a dozen E books on Personal and Professional development, Leading Edge Selling and Winning in the NOW Economy. He has been called Mr. Mastermind for his extraordinary ability to bring together individuals and ideas that create RADICAL RESULTS and Dramatic Profit Increases.

In 2009 Michael was named “International Business Coach of the Year” by Prime Time Business Institute and E-Z Coaching Worldwide.

A national marketing consultant, copywriter and columnist for over 20 publications as well as an accomplished platform speaker to over 700 audiences since 2000, he is the founder and President/CEO of The Michael York Learning Center, Inc. based in Charlotte, NC providing speaking, consulting, and marketing services to national and international clients. Michael has over 30 years of selling, marketing, and management experience (1978).