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Accelerent Breakfast featuring Jason Redman

Accelerent Business Development

My key takeaways from Jason Redman are below.  What was your best takeaway?

  • Perspective. Living in Troubling Times.  Divided States of America 
  • Level up
  • 1st world problems
  • Not a Bad Day…a Schedule Disruption.  
  • Bad Days leave mental, emotional, physical, or deep financial scars. 
  • Problems=Opportunities
  • Life Ambushes
  • 6 Tenants of Success:
    • Overcome
    • Live Greatly
    • Love Deeply
    • Stay Humble
    • Lead Always 
    • No Regrets

About Accelerent:  Delta Business Advisors, LLC is proud to be part of the Phoenix division of Accelerent, the area’s leading business development organization. This gives us the privilege to invite guests of ours to these events to hear from extraordinary, nationally recognized speakers… 

I would like to thank all our guests and team members who joined us for this great event:

Jason Ferguson

Claudine Fuller

Kaitlyn CFP®

Niki Timlin

Jake Broeker

Doug Diehl

Mike LaPorte

Chris Cuffaro

Stanley Bronstein

Kathy Keating-Losinske

Joyce Barden

Stuart Selbst

David Key

Camilla Innes

Michelle Pierce

Teri Hill

Julie Shaw

Alex Koury

Elaine Ferguson

Monica May-Dunn

Annette Anderson

Josephine Giordano

Tom Andolsen

Ryan Steele

Susan Brooks

Temple Blackburn

Lisa Cassedy

Matthew Cassedy

Karen Kramer