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4 Day Work Week

4 day work week

Jobs offering a 4 day work week is no way the norm.

The four-day workweek is nowhere close to becoming the norm, despite a flurry of media coverage and intense interest from worker bees worldwide, Emily Peck writes for Axios Markets.

Why it matters: With the pandemic throwing work-family dynamics into chaos, professionals burning out and the labor market favoring employees, there’s demand for experiments.

In a bid to attract talent, tech startup Bolt and Japan-based Panasonic recently announced four-day weeks.

Starting in April, 35 companies in the U.S. and Canada, including Kickstarter, a few nonprofits and an RV manufacturer, will test shorter weeks with help from 4 Day Week Global, a nonprofit founded in New Zealand in 2018.

Reality check: Each time a company does this, it gets a lot of attention — but overall, the needle isn’t moving.

Axios AM
By Mike Allen ·Jan 26, 2022