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2021 Q1: Who Purchased $500K-$1MM Businesses?

2021 Q1: Who Purchased $500K-$1MM Businesses?

This week, we are sharing characteristics of those who purchased businesses in Q1 2021 (Market Pulse Survey) for less than $500,000$500,000 to $1 million, $12 million, $2-$5 million and $5-50 million. 

$500K-$1MM: Buyers in this sector were: 

• First time buyers (37%), existing companies (30%), serial entrepreneurs (27%) 

• Motivated to buy a job (30%) gain a horizontal add-on (32%) 

• Located within 20 miles (42%) or more than 100 miles (35%) of the seller’s location 


Source: IBBA & M&A Source Market Pulse 2021 Q1 (published 5/26/2021) 

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