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2020 Q4 proactive exit planning

Business Sales and M&A Specialists

“As business brokers and M&A advisors, we need to find a way to get the conversation started with business owners earlier in the process,” said Lisa Riley, Principal of Delta Business Advisors. “The vast majority of owners need a successful sale to live their ideal lifestyle, making this one of the most important financial transactions of their life.” 

“Yet too many sellers are moving into the sale process without any planning, and we continue to see the same two mistakes that lead to deals failing which are unrealistic expectations and poor accounting records,” Riley continued. “We can help owners avoid these mistakes if they would start the process sooner, they’d have a smoother experience with better results.” 

Source: IBBA & M&A Source Market Pulse 2020 Q4 (published 2/9/2021) Fig 11

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